Panash Excellence Is A Platform That Aims To Disseminate Practical Knowledge Along With Theoretical Information That Will Not Only Help Our Participants To Understand The Market Dynamics Better But It Will Also Assist Them In Exploring Solutions To Real Time Practical Problems Face During Jobs. Panash Excellence Takes Pride In Services We Provide To The Youth Community Who Wants To Grow Themselves Fast By Learning Experiences. This Is An Ideal Platform Where Participants Have The Chance To Gain Deep Insights Of Their Industry Via Experienced Individuals. Our Mentors Coming From Different Backgrounds And Industries Have Faced Challenges Of The Market, Economy, Industry And Communities That They Would Share With Our Participants Making Our Programs Quite Experience Oriented Rather That Just Theory Based.

We Offer You A More Realistic Marketing Techniques After Attending This Course The Participant Will Understand How To Develop An Integrated And Effective Digital Marketing Plan Which Incorporates The Introduction To Digital Marketing Within The Context You Will Gain A Fundamental Understanding Of The Core Of Digital Marketing With More Practicality Our Module Will Provide You An Understanding Of What Is Involved In Creating And Implementing On Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns


In This 21st Century Of Massive Infromation Revolution The Need For  A Responsible Media Platfrom Becomes A Mandatory Step Towards Achieving A Larger Audience. With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibilty The Media Channels Today Hold A Massive Chunk Of Human Resource Hence Bigger The Responsibility. This Media Frenzy Requires Organizations To Hire Personnels Who Are Inclined More Towards The Changing Market Trends And Gimmicks.

People Often Mistake Journalism As A Field Relating Only To The Concepts Of Writing Or Seeing Yourself On The Bigscreen But In Reality Journalism Is Much More Than That. Journalism Is The Essence Of Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Expression. Journalism Is More About Expressing Your Thoughts And Opinions On A Wide Variety Of Topics. Today Journalism Has Emerged Into A Rather Prominent Career Choice Amoung The Youth. So To Fill Teh Void In The Market And To Celebrate The Zest Of Youth Panash Has Recently Started A Joint Venture With Speak Smart Pakistan. The Following Amalgamation Is A  Turning Step In The History Of Journalism To Provide An Institute For The Young Masses Who Are Eager To Bring A Change In The Pakistani Media World. The Step Taken By Mr. Waleed Ahmed Saleem Ceo Panash Pakistan And Mr. Raheel Akhtar Ceo Speak Smart Pakistan Will Surely Bring New Insights For The Young Guns Who Are Aspiring To Be The Future News Castors And News Anchors.

Panash News Live 24 Focuses More On The Concepts Of News Anchoring And News Casting. This Will Provide Opportunities To The Students To Gain New And Improved Insights In The Field Of Journalsim  As To How Better And How Efficiently A Student Can Express Their Views About The Changing And Shifting Paradigms Of The Domestic And International World. The Training Programs Will Be Comprised Of 4 Classes Which Will Be Conducted On Both Online And Offline Channels. The Whole Point Of This Startup Is To Provide Feaseable And Easy Access To All Those Personnels Who Are Passionate And Enthusiastic About The World Of Media And Journalism. 

Why Photo & Video Journalism

Offline & Online


Real Time

Information Processing Skills




Presence Of Mind

Speaker Sessions By

Professional Gurus





Learn The Concepts Of Journalism And News Anchoring With Media Perosnnels And Experienced Professionals. Equip Yourself With The Real World Knowledge And Real World Happenings In A Chaos Free Environment. Each Offline Class Will Be Carefully Structured An Dplanned In Accordance With The Candidates Mind And Present Skill Set.

Every Single Session Will Be Designed In A Two Way Communictaion And Learning Environment, Keeping In Mind The The Capabilities And Expertise Of The Trainee. The Candidate Will Be Taught With The On Hand Training Knowledge And Real Time Training Sessions. Hence Praparing The Trainee For The Gimmicks And The Corporate World.



Wiziq Is Equipped With A High-Definition Virtual Classroom, A Cloud-Based Course Builder With Unlimited Course Creation And Content Upload Capacity, And The World’s First White-Labeled (Custom-Branding Enabled) Mobile Learning Application For Learners.

With The Help Of This App The Candidates Can Benefit With The Best Training Sessions Under The Guidance Of Experienced And Professional Gurus. Students Can Easily Express Their Views And Queries In The Live Training Classes. Stay Motivated And Educate Yourself Whereever The Needs Arises. Be The Person You Aspire To Be On The Go.


Panash uses the best technology and IT software for

the ease of students. So we use Zoom software for classes.

Following is the procedure to use Zoom.

1. On your registered email address use will receive a link

2. Just click on the link and you will directed toward class. 

3. There is no need to create any account to attend the class

4. You can also use Zoom app which is downloadable from Play store. 

5. Click here to download.

6. Please use headphones with mic to attend the class and also have a stable internet. Class will be available offline in MP4 version after class.

What Does A Journalist Do?

Journalist Are The Professionals Who Find and Create News They Are The Ones Who Establishes The News And Introduce The Reporters Who Are On The Field.

The Most Obvious Work Of Journalist Is Find The Real News And Deliver It To The Audience In A Real Manner. Reporting Is The Key Skill Here. News Industry Is Really Fast Paced So One Has Too Be Quick In Covering The Breaking news As The Audience Needs The News On Time As Social Media Has Increased The Competition And The Market Demands Latest News And That To Be Time.

This Indeed Is A Challenging Field And For Those Who Are Willing To The Risk Of Becoming A True Journalist.

Should I Become A Journalist?

Communication Skills

A Primary Skill For This Position Is The Ability To Communicate Clearly Both In Writing, Editing, And Quality-Checking News, As Well As Speaking To A Tv Audience, Newsroom Staff, And Others

Interpersonal Skills

Journalist Need To Work Well With Co-Anchors, Other Newsroom Staff, As Well As News Sources, To Help Develop Daily Programs. Because A Journalist Is The Lead On The Daily News, There's Also An Understood Requirement For Community Involvement. 


This Job Requires The Ability To Work In A Fast-Paced, Stressful Environment, Where News Reports Must Be Ready To Air On Time. The Journalist Also Needs To Adapt To Sudden Market Changes As For Breaking News

Problem-Solving Skills 

Some  Skills Can't Be Taught In A Classroom. One Is The Ability To Ad Lib Without A Script, Similar To What A Stage Actor Might Do During A Play. A Journalist Has To Be Able To Find The Truth And Create At The End Of A Story

Key Skills 

Needed In Order To Be A Successful Journalist Are Excellent Verbal And Written Skills, Ability To Engage Audiences And Interact With Reporters And Guests, Persistence, Physical Stamina, Objectivity, Improvisation, Teamwork, Interviewing Skills, Knowledge Of Social Media, Professional Image And Attire, And Experience With Video Editing Software, Teleprompters, And Broadcast And Newsroom Equipment.  Work In The Field As Journalist Start With Small News Stations Or In Branch Offices In Local Areas. After Working In These Smaller Locations, A Journalist Can Develop A Good Reputation And Pursue Promotional Opportunities At Bigger Nationwide News Stations.

Journalist Must Have A Bachelor's Degree In Broadcast Journalism Or Communications, Relevant Internship Experience, And Work Experience In Smaller Fields In Order To Work Their Way Up And Become Successful. Hard Work, Perseverance, Objectivity, And Exceptional Verbal And Written Skills Are Just A Few Of The Skills Needed In Order To Be Successful In This Field.

Key Learnings From
Photo & Video Journalism

Panash has pioneered the training and development with key courses focused at making the marketing more creative and that is why students love to join in. Each course is designed in a manner that is more practical in nature and targeted at creating key skills.

There are many benefits to learning journalism for everyone

1. From our course you will have a definitive knowledge about creation as well as the execution of the idea that you may have for news.

2. In a short span of 2 month you will have the knowledge of equivalent to a 6 months course because our course is more related to reporting and journalism and focused at execution of idea.

3. Our trainers have the knowledge of more than 15 years making them the perfect choice for a trainer of this course. 

4. Step By Step training of journalism is as per the details of media industry. Its not a definite knowledge game any more it is more of derivative.

5. This course is more practical in nature and focused at sharpening the skill set. This course is to guide your way, its you that has to work toward the goal that you have.

6. Key elements are report making, shooting a package, software use, video making, photography, key reporting techniques and  creating a complete report package.

Photo & Video Journalism Course


2 Months

20 Classes

60+ Training Hours


Offline: Slots Available


Training: Slots Available


Top Journalists And News Anchors From Media Industry

Course Outline



Trending design



Hardware Use

Level of photography

Software implementation


Need of hour


Software use

Photo Journalism

Capture and selection


Video Journalism

One Man Band

New Trend


Story making






Cinema 4D

Key Trainers

 Mr. Danish 

Senior Cameraman - ARY News

 Mr. Waleed Ahmad Saleem

CEO & Co Founder - Panash Group




Newsroom Leader With Proven Abilities In Storytelling, Composition, Lighting, Dsng-Van Operation, Advanced Non-Linear Editing And Post Production.This Is Mustansir Hussain For You! Mustansir Hussain Aka Danish Is A Pakistani Photojournalist, He Considered As New Era Photojournalist And Filmmaker In Pakistan. Started His Career As Photojournalist In 1998 With Print Media, During That Period He Worked With Leading News Papers And Various International News Photo Agencies.

Recognized For Maintaining High Quality Videos And Pictures With His Outstanding Photography And Videography Skills. Proven Track Record Of Collaborating With Reporters And Producers To Create High-Quality News Programming Is The Reason For His Success. Possessing 18 Years In Broadcast Tv As Eng And Efp Cameraman, Corporate, Music Video, Drama And Advertising Production And 5 Years In Print Media As Photojournalism He Always Proved Himself To Be Passionate About His Dreams. Working In This Field In Was Neither That Much Easy Nor It Is Now But He With His Outstanding Skills Has Showed To The World That One Can Easily Achieve His Dreams If They Have The Passion For Doing Something.

He Is Highly Skilled In All Aspects Of Hdcam, Xdcam, Digi-Beta, Dslr, Hdv, Dvcam, Minicam, Super 8, Single And Multi-Camera, Dolly And Jib, Green Screen Etc Filming, Lighting Quit Enough Video Editing. Adobe Photo Shop (Photo Processing), Ms Office, Inpage Urdu, Adobe Primer (Video Editing), Sound Forge (Sound Editing), Adobe Acrobat Reader And Writer, Ftp’s Software’s Etc.

In 2002 He Joined Ary One World News Television As Video Journalist; He Was Also A Part Of Renowned Broadcast News Channels Like Geo News, Dunya News And Others.He Is Also Giving His Expertise To International Broadcasters As Freelancer. Now Days He Is Associate With Ary News As Senior Cameraman And Filed Producer And Also Working As Freelance Video Journalist And Filmmaker

Fees Schedule

20 Classes + Test Class

2 hours Each Duration

Live Training

Field Visits*

Live Interactions With Professionals


12000 PKR

500 PKR Registration Fees





20 Classes + Test Class

2 hours Each Duration

Live Trainings​

Any Time Classes

Live Session With Professionals


12000 PKR

500 PKR Registration Fees


Classes Schedule

Course Outline


  • Introduction

  • What Is Your Motivation

  • How This Course Is Different

  • What Will Be Taught In The Course

  • What Is The Market Important of This Course

  • Internship And Job Opportunities

Course Registration, Fee Submission, Classes Schedule


Lead Trainer


Week 1 & 2

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Skill Set

  • Creativity

Assignment: Field Task


Lead Trainer


Week 3 & 4 

  • Software Use

  • Creativity

  • B&A Implementation

Assignment: Submission of design work


Lead Trainer


Week 5 & 6

  • Hardware Use

  • Creativity

  • Use of equipment

  • Types

Assignment: Field Project


Lead Trainer


Week 7 & 8

  • Photojournalism

  • Videojournalism

Assignment: Final Project


Lead Trainer


Final Test

  • Topics And Domains

  • Procedures Will Be Highlighted Before 

  • Time Limitation

  • Resources Limitation

Submission: Online And Offline Both



Mariam Zafar

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Panash Excellence

Duration: Two Months

Classes: 20

Market Visits For Live Training

(Students Will Be Informed One Day In Advance For Market Visits)

- Eligibility -

Minimum Age: 18

Education: Intermediate

Must Be Beginner Level In English

And Urdu

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Orientation Class Is Free

Registration Fees Is 500 PKR

Registration Fees Is To Reserve Your Slot

Online Fees Is 12000 PKR

Offline Fees Is 12000 PKR

Training Costs Are Included In Course