Panash Excellence Is A Platform That Aims To Disseminate Practical Knowledge Along With Theoretical Information That Will Not Only Help Our Participants To Understand The Market Dynamics Better But It Will Also Assist Them In Exploring Solutions To Real Time Practical Problems Face During Jobs. Panash Excellence Takes Pride In Services We Provide To The Youth Community Who Wants To Grow Themselves Fast By Learning Experiences. This Is An Ideal Platform Where Participants Have The Chance To Gain Deep Insights Of Their Industry Via Experienced Individuals. Our Mentors Coming From Different Backgrounds And Industries Have Faced Challenges Of The Market, Economy, Industry And Communities That They Would Share With Our Participants Making Our Programs Quite Experience Oriented Rather That Just Theory Based.

We Offer You A More Realistic Marketing Techniques After Attending This Course The Participant Will Understand How To Develop An Integrated And Effective Digital Marketing Plan Which Incorporates The Introduction To Digital Marketing Within The Context You Will Gain A Fundamental Understanding Of The Core Of Digital Marketing With More Practicality Our Module Will Provide You An Understanding Of What Is Involved In Creating And Implementing On Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns



Become The Classic Version Of Yourself.!

Pursuing A Professional Career In Modelling Is Something That Everyone Dreams Of. However Often Times The Lack Of Confidence, Proper Knowledge And Training The Journey Ends Even Before Starting. People Usually Confuse Modelling With Having Just A Pretty Face But In Reality, Modelling Is So Much More Than That.

Modelling Is An Art, It’s An Expression. A Presentation That Not Just Includes The Facial Features But Also Highlights Certain Key Personality Traits.

‘’The Secret To Modelling Is Not Being Perfect. What One Needs Is A Face That People Can Identify In A Second. You Have To Be Given What’s Needed By Nature, And What’s Needed Is To Bring Something New’’.

Karl Lagerfeld

Humility, Humbleness, Hard Work And A Positive Attitude Are The Core Assets For Becoming Successful In Not Just In The Modelling Industry But Also In Other Walks Of Life. Keeping This In Mind Panash Has Come Up With A Platform To Help And Guide The Aspiring Models.  The Idea Behind Introducing This Course Is To Assist And Provide Necessary Guidance To The Aspiring Models In Building Their Self-Esteem, Confidence, To Boost Their Morals And Provide Them A Professional Path To Fulfil Their Dream Of Perusing Career In Modelling.

Another Important Attribute That Requires Assistance Is Posing And Facing The Camera. The Following Course Offered By Panash Also Includes Training Sessions Regarding Camera Facing, Posing Techniques, Deportment Techniques, Body Confidence, Stage Presence And A Lot More That Is Required To Become A Successful Model.


Our In House Panash Studio Is Fully Equipped With Big Screen, Proper Lighting And Professional Camera. Apart From That, Professional And Experienced Guidance Will Be Provided To Our Students. Students Will Also Have An Opportunity To Make Their Professional Portfolio With Different Head/Beauty Shots, Location/Outdoor Shots, Product Photography Shots And Fashion Shots.

Why Modeling Course



Real Time

Live Training & Session





Speaker Sessions By

Professional Gurus



Key Learnings From

Panash Has Pioneered The Training And Development With Key Courses Focused At Making Each Field More Creative And That Is Why Students Love To Join In. Each Course Is Designed In A Manner That Is More Practical In Nature And Targeted At Creating Key Skills.

There Are Many Benefits To Learning Modelling For Everyone

1. From Our Course You Will Have A Definitive Knowledge About Physical Personality And Inner Self Development.

2. In A Short Span Of 2 Months You Will Have The Exposure Of Equivalent To A 6 Months Course Because This Course Will Guide You With All Minor And Major Aspects Of Modeling Presented In The Course Outline.

3. Our Trainers Have The Knowledge Of More Than 15 Years Making Them The Perfect Choice For A Trainer Of This Course. 

4. Step By Step Training Of Modeling Is As Per The Details Of Media Industry. Become The Classic Version Of Yourself!

5. This Course Is More Practical In Nature And Focused At Sharpening The Skill Set. This Course Is To Guide Your Way, Its You That Has To Work Toward The Goal That You Have.

6. Key Elements Are Body Language, Facial Expressions, Self-Care/Personal Grooming, Outfit Selection, Diet And Fitness Tips, Stage Presence, Self Confidence.

Modeling Course


2 Month

8 - 15 Classes

35+ Training Hours


Live Fashion



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Top Media Trainers And Fashion Models

Portfolio Packages


Makeup & Personality
Styling & Development
4X Dress Changes
Social Media Promotion

1 Min. Promotional Video

Live Modeling Session

(3 Classes)


Makeup & Personality
Styling & Development
7X Dress Changes
Social Media Promotion
3 Min. Promotional Video

Training By Professional Model

Live Modeling Session

(5 Classes) 


Makeup & Personality
Styling & Development
15X Dress Changes
Social Media Promotion

Lead Model Shoot
5 Min. Promotional Video
Video Shoot

Training By Professional Model

Live Modeling Session

(8 Classes)

Portfolio Photo Shoots