Panash Excellence Is A Platform That Aims To Disseminate Practical Knowledge Along With Theoretical Information That Will Not Only Help Our Participants To Understand The Market Dynamics Better But It Will Also Assist Them In Exploring Solutions To Real Time Practical Problems Face During Jobs. Panash Excellence Takes Pride In Services We Provide To The Youth Community Who Wants To Grow Themselves Fast By Learning Experiences. This Is An Ideal Platform Where Participants Have The Chance To Gain Deep Insights Of Their Industry Via Experienced Individuals. Our Mentors Coming From Different Backgrounds And Industries Have Faced Challenges Of The Market, Economy, Industry And Communities That They Would Share With Our Participants Making Our Programs Quite Experience Oriented Rather That Just Theory Based.

We Offer You A More Realistic Marketing Techniques After Attending This Course The Participant Will Understand How To Develop An Integrated And Effective Digital Marketing Plan Which Incorporates The Introduction To Digital Marketing Within The Context You Will Gain A Fundamental Understanding Of The Core Of Digital Marketing With More Practicality Our Module Will Provide You An Understanding Of What Is Involved In Creating And Implementing On Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns



Effective Writing Course Has Been Introduced For Candidates Having An Urge To Be Creative With Pen But Are Being Held Back Due To Reasons Like Lack Of Vocabulary, Problems With Structuring Sentences, Facing Issues Making Flow Of The Writing, Difficulties Regarding Connecting Interlinking Points And Understanding The Strategy Of Writing. This Course Is Helpful Even For Those Who Want To Want To Have Command Over Not Only Their Writing Skills But Also Their Communication Skills. Facing Issues In The Language English Is Quite Common Due To This Language Being Secondary For Most Of The Candidates, However, Practice And Few Guideline Rules That Make You An Effective Writer Having Understanding Of Basic Rubrics Of Writing. This Course Will Be Discussing Types Of Writing Techniques Depending On The Audience Being Addressed Keeping In Mind That Writing Is One Of The Most Important Tools Of Communication. Being From A Culture Where English Language Is An Essential Part Of Official Language, Understanding And Being Able To Express Yourself In English Has Now Become Inevitable.

Why Excellence

Extensive Course

The Course Is Suitable To Every Level Of Student Who Would Like To Have Grip Over English Language Starting From Basic Vocabulary Moving Up To Complex Sentence Structuring Every Aspect Will Be Discussed And Taught In Detail. The Candidates From Every Walk Of Life Can Be Part Of This Course As English Writing Is Part Of Almost Every Field And Industry.

Student Oriented

The Class Conducted Will Be Channelized As Per Each Student’s Understanding Capacity. Not All Students Will Be Expected To Be On The Same Page, Our Trainers Will Be Actively Involved With Each Student Separately Who Will Be Focused On Every Stage Of This Course.

Gradual Building

Most Of The Candidates Will Not Be Expected To Expedite Their Learning Capacity Immediately, The Pace Of The Class Initially Will Be Gradual Enough For Students To Grasp The Knowledge. The Trainers Will Be Steady At Each Phase With Students So As To Strengthen The Basic Learnings.

Easier Method

With Unique Techniques And Procedures, Candidates Will Be Taught About The Complexities Of English Language In Easier Ways That Are Effortless And Simple. Main Objective Of This Course Is To Make English Communication Simple In Writing Where The Audience Will Be Able To Fully Comprehend Candidates’ Writings.

Latest Techniques

Learning Any Second Language Has Never Been Easy; However, There Are Certain Techniques To Make English Learning Easier Comparatively. Our Trainers Will Be Guiding Candidates On How To Master Using Simple Techniques That Have Been Recently Introduced For The Ease Of The Learners.   


Building The Base

The Training Provided On This Platform Is Influenced By The Ideology Of Strengthening The Basics Of The Subject I.E. Writing. With Enhancing Candidate’s Capacity To Express In Words Our Trainers Also Aim Towards Widening The Horizon Of Candidate’s Vision By Exposing Them To Various Scenarios, Enriching Their Vocabulary And Help Them Understand The Flow Of The Text Encompassing Their Thoughts.

High Quality E-Learning

Advance Online Classes

Real Time

Recorded Lectures

Business Functions Integration

80% Hiring Ratio

Advance Outlined Course

Interactive And Engaging Classes

Expert Partners

Paid Partnerships

Practical Projects

Long Term Relations



Learn The Concepts Of Journalism And News Anchoring With Media Perosnnels And Experienced Professionals. Equip Yourself With The Real World Knowledge And Real World Happenings In A Chaos Free Environment. Each Offline Class Will Be Carefully Structured An Dplanned In Accordance With The Candidates Mind And Present Skill Set.

Every Single Session Will Be Designed In A Two Way Communictaion And Learning Environment, Keeping In Mind The The Capabilities And Expertise Of The Trainee. The Candidate Will Be Taught With The On Hand Training Knowledge And Real Time Training Sessions. Hence Praparing The Trainee For The Gimmicks And The Corporate World.



Wiziq Is Equipped With A High-Definition Virtual Classroom, A Cloud-Based Course Builder With Unlimited Course Creation And Content Upload Capacity, And The World’s First White-Labeled (Custom-Branding Enabled) Mobile Learning Application For Learners.

With The Help Of This App The Candidates Can Benefit With The Best Training Sessions Under The Guidance Of Experienced And Professional Gurus. Students Can Easily Express Their Views And Queries In The Live Training Classes. Stay Motivated And Educate Yourself Whereever The Needs Arises. Be The Person You Aspire To Be On The Go.


Panash uses the best technology and IT software for

the ease of students. So we use Zoom software for classes.

Following is the procedure to use Zoom.

1. On your registered email address use will receive a link

2. Just click on the link and you will directed toward class. 

3. There is no need to create any account to attend the class

4. You can also use Zoom app which is downloadable from Play store. 

5. Click here to download.

6. Please use headphones with mic to attend the class and also have a stable internet. Class will be available offline in MP4 version after class.

Why Is Effective Writing Important To Me If I Do Not Intend To Become A Writer?

Corelating Effective Writing With Apt Conveyance Of Ones’ Thought On Paper Would Not Be Wrong As Writing Has Been Known As The Most Powerful Source Of Communication Both Professionally And In Personal Life. Almost Every Field Or Profession That One Might Be Engaged In, Writing Has Always Been An Official Channel Of Communication Where One Has All The Liberty To Be Creative, Persuasive, Informative, By Creating A Powerful Content – That Might Be In A Form Of An Email, Presentation, Report Etc. To Create A Strong Effective Content, It Is Inevitable To Have A Firm Grip Over Channelizing One’s Ideas; Those Ideas Need To Be Penned Down Using The Most Appropriate Vocabulary, With Apt Grammar And Smooth Structural Flow Of The Thoughts For The Reader To Fully Comprehend The Extract Created. Excelling In Any Profession Or Progressing In Your Career Path Requires A Skill Of Written Expression That Will Make You Stand Out.  

Verbal (Mis)Communication 

Penning Down Stream Of Ideas Has Never Been An Easy Task Even For The Most Fluent Speakers As It Requires Detailed Planning About How To Progress Explaining The Picture Built Inside The Writer’s Head. It Is Quite Possible To Convey The Thoughts Verbally Using Different Pitches And Tones To Clarify The Interpretation However The Major Drawback Identified Is The Lack Of Documentation Professionally. Writing Has Been One Of The Oldest And Strongest Form Of Communication Where A Number Of Audiences Could Be Catered To And Exposed To The Content You Want To Share With The World; Be It Social Media Content.

Key Learnings From
Effective Writing

Digital marketing skills trending worldwide and have a bigger career and business opportunities. While there are many ways to learn digital marketing such as from blog, books, videos, and podcast, etc. But the quickest way is to learn digital marketing by doing an online course or offline course.

There are many benefits to learning digital marketing skills for everyone

1. From our course you will have a definitive knowledge about creation as well as the execution of the idea that you may have for business.

2. In a short span of 2 months you will have the knowledge of equivalent to a 6 months course because our course is more related to building a business and improving it rather than just provide the knowledge and wait for an execution idea.

3. Our trainers have the knowledge that is taken from six countries and is up to date because one of domain of Panash is E-commerce shopping.

4. Step By Step training of EW is as per the details of Pakistan market. Its not a definite knowledge game any more it more of derivative.

5. This course is more practical in nature and focused at sharpening the skill set. This course is to guide your way, its you that has to work toward the goal that you have.

6. We have 80% job securing ratio of our students and internships are also offered to students so that they may apply what they have learned. So register now and get the max out of this course.

Effective Writing


2 Months

14 Classes

30+ Training Hours


Offline: Slots Available


Online: Slots Available


Top Professional From Marketing Industry

Course Outcomes

  • Learn a method for continuously improving your writing skills based on Action-Reflection

  • Revisit the rules of proper grammar and understand sentence and paragraph fundamentals

  • Apply essential verbal and non-verbal strategies for effective communication

  • Structure and compose a variety of texts using simple language to effectively communicate a message to a specific audience

  • Match the type of communication purpose with the most appropriate channel for  the receiver

  • Write professional letters, memoranda, e-mails, reports and proposals by reviewing standard templates and customizing these to your work context.

  • Apply effective language skills through correction of grammatical mistakes in  written texts

  • Be confident to prepare and deliver a professional written presentation within a business context

  • Review errors and assess accuracy through rigorously applying a checklist  to your texts

  • Learn the value of professional written communication in building good client relationships

Course Outline

Course Outline

Week 1

​Understanding Communication

  • The purpose of communication

  • Choosing the appropriate communication channels

  • Overcoming the barriers to communication

Week 2

​Action-reflection approach to writing

  • The importance of good sentence and paragraph construction

  • Preparing your ideas using tree diagrams

  • Finding the appropriate tone

  • Identifying common grammatical errors

Week 3

Writing professional business documents

  • Letters

  • Memoranda

  • Reports

  • E-mails

  • Proposals 

Week 4

Conducting effective meetings through professional documents

  • Compiling agendas and notices

  • Practice writing professional minutes

  • Following-up to ensure decisions are implemented

Week 5

Deliver professional presentations

  • Prepare a written report

  • Design your presentation

  • Review your presentation strengths and weaknesses

Week 6

Using checklists for reviewing your writing

  • Content

  • Organization 

  • Style

  • Grammar



Mr. Waleed Ahmad Saleem Is The Co-Founder And CEO Of Panash Group. He Is An Entrepreneur By Choice Because It Was His Will To Do Something Better With The Knowledge He Had. With A Master’s Degree From IBA Karachi He Could Have Worked In Any Multinational Organization With Sheer Effort But He Opted To Do His Own Thing And Laid The Foundation Of His First Fashion Brand Co-Founded With Two Partners Named As Panash, A True Style Brand. Panash Was Initially A Fashion Brand But Within Few Months It Went On To Become An Ecommerce Brand. This Was All His Sheer Efforts And Sound Companionship As The Core Team Went On To Lay The Foundation Of Panash Group. Today Alhamdulilah Panash Group Has 8 Domains (Panash Pakistan, Panash International, Panash Excellence, Panash Design, Panash Boutique, Panash Tech, Panash Live And Desi Graphics) And Each Focused At A Key Market Need. From Tech To Fashion To Boutique To Media To Marketing To Training And Development. Panash, Today Is A Brand That Hosts It All. Panash Is Now Operating In 6 Countries (USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh). With Experience Of 10 Years In The Field Of Marketing, Social Media And Venture Branding Along With Sound Planning, Mr. Waleed Focused His Efforts At One Goal, Get Updated With Current Trends And Train Well To Bring A Solution In The Market And That Is So Why Panash Excellence Today Has Become A Leading Brand In Training Industry. With Courses Ranging From Media To Tv To Marketing To Excellence, Panash Excellence Has It All.

Mr. Waleed Ahmad Saleem Has Worked Tirelessly To Bring Changes In The Market With Focused On Key Issues And Provided The Solution. With Time And Trainings From Different Institutions, He Has Developed Knowledge Of Key Areas Of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Building, Resource Capitalization, Media Anchoring And Journalism, Website Conceptualization And Development, Movie Making, Design And Development Etc. List Goes On And On Because He Always Quotes That “It’s Better To Learn And Fail Then To Fail And Plan”. From Past Two Years He Is Actively Involved In Digital Marketing And Media Industry And Brought Highlight Course To Market Which Has High Occupancy Level Because Students Find Them Relevant To The Market Need. If We Quote Just HDM Of Excellence Then This Course Has 80% Success Rate Because The Students Getting Trained Here Are Having Practical Skillset And Relevant Knowledge. In Just Last 6 Months, He And His Team Trained 100 Market Professionals, Some Went On To Work For Different Organization And Are Performing Better While Rest Joined Panash And Are Now At Executive Managerial Position. This Shows The Practicality Of Training Level Of Panash Excellence.

Learning Has Been The Key Differentiation Market For Mr. Waleed As He Worked In The Industry At Executive Levels As Start And Then Moved To Leadership Positions So To Have A Keen Eye What The Businesses Processes Are And How One Can Make Them Better. With Market Experience Of 10+ Years And Degrees From Bahria Karachi And IBA Karachi Along With Training And Certifications From Different Nationwide Institutions In Digital Marketing, Business Processes, Brand And Strategic Management Etc Collectively Created What Mr. Waleed Ahmad Saleem Today Is. Experience Learnings Of Mr. Waleed Are Broad Enough To Justify The Position He Is At Today As Creating A Brand To Sand To Build Takes Work Craftmanship, Focused Attitude, Design Thinking, Model Imagination, And Team Management And Today He Quotes It Proudly, If One Strives Hard Toward Excellence Thy Lord Will Show Him A Better Path. Mr. Waleed Believes In Team And So Panash Has Collaborative With Ten Different Institutions National And International To Form An Alliance Just To Bring Experience Based Solution To The Market. Speak Smart Pakistan, WebX Pakistan, Journalism Core, And Sync Analysis Are Just Few To Quotes Here.  


An Enthusiastic Female Entrepreneur, Miss Hera Nisar Ahmed, Believes In The Ideology Of Surfacing Hidden Talents Of Our Youth. Acting As A Chief Operating Officer And Being The Co Founder Of Panash Group, She Has Been Striving Towards Providing A Dedicated Platform To The Fresh Blood Of Pakistan Who Lack The Resources To Come Forward And Show Their Capabilities. After Completing Her ACCA, She Joined EY Ford Rhodes As An External Auditor Giving Her The Opportunity To Explore The Financial Side Of The Business For More Than Three Years. Miss Hera Nisar Has Had The Opportunity To Work Abroad With Renowned Multinational Company Providing Her The Exposure Of The Middle East Market Along With The Local One. Her Tenure Abroad Enriched Her With Experiences That She Is Applying To The Work Policies Of Panash Group. Being The Operations Head, Miss Hera Nisar Ahmed Is Heading Several Integral Departments Of The Group, Introducing Innovation At Various Levels. She Has In Depth Knowledge Of Different Areas Of Business That Includes Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain And Other Support Functions Like HR That Miss Hera Nisar Ahmed Has Led In The Group.

The Idea Of Panash Excellence And The Conceptualization Behind It Has Been To Target Those Students Who Are Looking For A Path To Excel. As The Name Defines, Excellence Is The Need Of Time To Shine Out In The Relevant Field. Being One Of The Persons Behind The Building Of The Panash Excellence Concept, Miss Hera Nisar Ahmed, Has Given Life To Her Idea Of Budding Young Talent To A Level That Would Help Them Achieve The Best In Their Career. With Fully Equipped Studios And Practical Experienced Trainers Hera Nisar Ahmed Dreams To Achieve A Milestone In Academic Industry Enriching It With Real Time Knowledge Along With Providing Flavor Of Vast Experiences.    

Miss Hera Nisar Is An IBA Grad Specialized In Marketing And Supply Chain, Running Her Own School Decided To Engage In Setting Up A Platform For Fresh Talents To Polish Their Skills Further. Owning Her School Business Previously Was Not Enough To Quench Her Thirst Of Excelling In Academic Diversity; To Progress And Learn Further She Also Served As Teachers Assistant For Principle Of Marketing In IBA. As Her Prior Studies Mainly Pertained To Core Finance, Teaching Marketing At This Level Unleashed A New Challenge She Accepted, That Too Successfully. Strong Analytical Skill, Apt Planning Along With Calculated Strategic Management, Panash Group COO Is Determined To Make The Conglomerate Panash Group Pioneer Of Its Related And Relevant Fields.

For Miss Hera, It Is Not The Effort That Counts But At The End Results Are What Drives Her And The Panash Team Motivation. The COO Of Panash Group Has A Knack For Resilience, Determination And Adaptability Making Her A Figure At Panash That Silently Flexes Strategies According To The Current Market Situation Carefully Gauging The Future Dynamics Of Both Local And International Markets.

Fees Structure

14 Classes + Test Class

2 hours Each Duration

10000 PKR





14 Classes + Test Class

2 hours Each Duration

10000 PKR


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Panash Marketing Course

Duration: Two Months

Classes: 14

- Eligibility -

Minimum Age: 18

Education: Intermediate

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Registration Fees Is 500 PKR

Registration Fees Is To Reserve Your Slot

Online & Offline Fees Is 10000 PKR