Panash Is More Than An Online Platform But A User Experience, Where We Aim At Providing Solutions To The Community. Panash Is A Platform Where All The Participants Have Equal Opportunity In Every Domain. Whether It Is About Commodities For Customers Or The Services For Young Rising Talents Of Our Youth. Based On Their Wants, Real Need Is To Deliver Information For The Decision Making. We At Panash Focus On The Real Time Value Data To Provide People With The Right Information For Decision Making. We Focus On The Solution Oriented Program To Deliver Value To Everyone. We Are Targeting Two Main Aspects Of The Market That Are Our Customers And Young Rising Talents Of Future Entrepreneurs.


Panash Is Not Only An Online Platform, It Is A Group That Provides Solutions To Various Communities Be It Suppliers, Customers, Students, In Short, We Promote Talent Found In Multiple Domains. A Platform Where All The Participants Have Equal Opportunity In Every Domain; Be It About Commodities, For Customers, Or The Services For Young Rising Talents Of Our Youth.
Based On Their Wants, Real Need Is To Deliver Information For The Decision Making. We As PANASH Focus On The Real Time Value Data To Provide People With The Right Information For Decision Making. We Focus On The Solution-Oriented Program To Deliver Value To Everyone. Targeting Two Main Aspects Of The Market; That Is Our Customers And Young Rising Talents Of Various Fields Aiming To Become Future Entrepreneurs, Panash Has Introduced A Wide Spectrum Of Services Where We Promote Talents Of Various Respective Industries.   



Following This Strategy, We Have Introduced Several Programs For All Ages Where There Is No Limitation Of Education, You Only Need To Have The Passion Of Entrepreneurship Where You Will Be Your Own Boss Working At Your Own Convenience From The Place Of Your Choice. Panash Development Program Uses Technology As An Opportunistic Tool In Assisting Our Members To Earn Along With Growth In Their Particular Domains. Our Aim To Instill Entrepreneurship Mindset Where You Can Easily Test Your Talent And Learn Through The Process As You Face Real Customers Along With The Achievement Of Making You Own Profit Without Investing Any Amount.

Panash Summer Internship Program And Panash Freelance Program Are Also A Part Of Development Program Where People From All Ages Can Come And Join.



Key Thing Here Is the Learning Which Panash Guarantees. We Teach Then We Train And Then We Test. This Way One Can Also Test His/Her Abilities In Real World Dynamics.

At Panash We Welcome People All Across The Globe To Be Part Of Our Programs, Grow With Us And Establish Themselves In The Potentially Viable Consumer And Service Markets.



"Internship Program"

Panash Welcomes New Members To Our Internship Program


Our Management At Panash Firmly Believes In Fresh Blood Being Made Part Of Our Model As They Provide A New And Different Perspective That Could Be Of High Value To Us.

We Give Our Members A Chance To Work With Us For Few Months Where They Could Learn The True Flavor Of The Local And International E-Commerce Industry.

Panash Has Trained Over 7 Batches Of Internees Who Were Made An Integral Part Of Our Journey During Their Internship Period, They Were Given Chances To Gain First-Hand Experience Of Dealing With The Actual Industry Stakeholders.

At Each Level Of Internship We Carry Out Our Evaluation Process In Which We Monitor The Progress Of Each Intern That Leads To A Permanent Job If The Candidate Proves Himself/ Herself To Be Outstanding In Certain Domains Defined By The Company.  .       

Establishing Your Own Set UP


Its Been Said If You Strive Hard Toward Excellence Thy Lord Will Show A Better Path. Panash Focuses On This  Motto Of "Strive Hard" For Success. Before Applying For Internship We Want The Candidates To Work On A To-Do List. On The Top Of This List Should Be Why Panash. Do Your Research, Read About The Departments, Work On Why You Are Right Choice Of This Job Because Its Very Important That One Should Know What Panash Is All About. We Consider This Important Because If One Is Clear On What Are Expectations From A Job He/She Will Strive Hard In Meeting Those Expectation. 


Once The Time Period Of Internship Is Complete. Panash Will Have Your Performance Reviewed In The 11 Week And If The Performance Is Excellent You Are Offered A Job Right Away. This Means The Time Period Of Your Internship Is Your Training For The Main Job. So All Rests At You How To Want To Be At Panash Because We Want Those Hungry Candidates Who Look For Smart Ways To Be Complete A Tasks Better Then Him/Her Self. We Believe The Best Benchmark To Beat Is Your Own Previous Performance. Panash Currently Has A 90% Internship To Job Confirmation Ratio. So What Are You Waiting For

Departments At Panash



This Department Is Headed By A Person From The Field Who Know How To Negotiate A Price, What Are The Current Trends In The Market, What Are The Requirements Of Vendors etc. Its Important For Him To Know What Are The Key Strategies Related To The Different Product Categories. This Department Provides Panash With The Key Trendy Products At A Rate That Others Cant Match. This Is One Of The Key Strengths Of Panash That The Managers Not Shy Of Going In The Markets And Negotiate A Good Deal. What Needs To Be Highlighted That The Team Works As Good As The Person Who Is Leading Is Interested In Improvements Day By Day.




This Department Is Headed By A Person Who Is Creative In Imaginations And Classy In Execution. From Photography To Video Making, From Animations To Creative Designing. One Needs To Be Smart Enough To Know What The Requirement Of Eye Is. What Is Loved Currently And What Should Be Improved With Time. This Skill set Is The Key To Create A Diverse Team Who Are Working On A Common Goal .i.e. Create A Symphony That Is Adored By Few, Understood By Some And Appreciated By All. Panash Is All About Style And This Team Creates The Magic Which Is Currently Making Us Follow The Team That Panash Has- Style That Matters.




This Department Is Headed By A Person Who Is Smart In Creating A Blend Of Technical Advancements With Creative Demonstrations. Key Highlight Here Is To Maintain A Creative Website But Also Keep It Updated As Per The Standards Of Social Media Marketing And Search Engine Marketing And Optimization. Every Day We Elements Are Being Introduced And Panash Needs To Remain Updated. Here We Have This Team Of Shy, And Boring People Who Not Only Loves What They Do But Also Bring New Things To The Table Which Are Worth The Attention. If You Love What You Do Than Panash Is The Right Place For You. 




This Department Is Headed By A Person Who Is Loves To Share A Moment With The World In A Way No One Has Imagined Before. Here The Team Share The Stories, The Details The Successes Of Panash. Whether Its Facebook, Instagram Or Youtube Social Media Presence Is Translated As The Customer Focus. Panash Creation Was On The Betterment Of Society And Creating A System Which Is Focused On The Needs Of Customers. Here At Panash We Share What We Create. We Believe Its Important To Show The World How One Can Be Inspired And Here At SMM Department, We Focus On The Inspirations Because What Can Be Sold Is Being Sell By Those Who Has Only Focus I.E. Return Where As Panash Focuses On Distribution.




This Department Is Headed By A Person Who Is More Focused On Earning In A Way That The Means Of Panash Are Met In Accordance With Policies That We Have. Sales Is Always Commission Based At Panash Because We Believe One Should Earn On The Basis Of Efforts. That’s Why Panashians Are More Like A Family. They Work On Common Goals And Believes In Creating An Environment That Is Beneficial For All Interests. WE Say It Straight Forward, “You Can Progress In Panash Only If You Are Excelling In Your Personal Life. Marketing And Sales May Be Boring To Some But Not To Be Headstrong People That’s Why Our Team Works 24x7 .


HR &



This Department Is Headed By A Person Who Believes In Creation Of Team Because Solo Play Is For A Game And Teams Are For The Tournament. There Needs To Be Someone Working From The Shadows And Helping Others In Reaching There Goal. They Are The Admin And HR Team About Whom Panashians Thinks Are The Backbone Of Panash. Without Them It Will Be Difficult To Stay For A Day At Panash. They Have Spoiled Us A Lot With Benefits And Extra Help That We Believe Other Cant Provide. That’s Why Every Month Employee Of The Month Gets More And More Benefits.