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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I Choose Panash Development Program? How Is It Different?

Panash Is Not Only An Online Platform, It Is A Group That Provides Solutions To Various Communities Be It Suppliers, Customers, Students, In Short, We Promote Talent Found In Multiple Domains. Panash Development Program Has Been Designed For Individuals Who Are Talented And Willing To Test Their Expertise In Entrepreneurship Where They Would Not Have To Invest AT ALL. We Are Here To Develop And Polish Your Sales Skills, Panash Will Guide You Through The Entire Process; Provide You Individual Trainings Regarding How You Can Successfully Establish Your Own Set Up. This Entire Program Has Been Devised To Help The Community As Whole By Supporting The Idea Of Own Start Up That Is Often Dismissed Due To Investment Requirements. Our Aim To Instill Entrepreneurship Mindset Where You Can Easily Test Your Talent And Learn Through The Process As You Face Real Customers Along With Feel The Achievement Of Making You Own Sales Without Investing Any Amount.

2. How Much Can I Earn From Panash Development Program?

Panash Development Program Has Provided Its Partners Flexibility Of Earning In First Two Proposals However The Third Proposal Has Been Designed For Individuals Who Are Not Ready To Take Risks At All. The Proposals Are Your Testing Grounds Where The Rewards/ Payments Are As Per The Risk Taken By Each Individual.

Proposal A Has Medium Risk Where Our Partners Are Given Discounts Of 7.5% On Each Product’s Panash Price For The Purpose Of Profit Calculation. In This Proposal You Can Sell The Item At Any Price You Want Which Means That Your Profit Is Completely At Your Own Discretion. The Risk Is Medium Because Product Will Be The Responsibility Of Panash Where We Will Handle All The Shipments And Tracking Of The Order.

Proposal B Has High Risk Where The Discount Offered Is 12% On Panash Price But The Partner Has To Buy The Product And Take The Ownership Of The Products Being Sold. Partner Has To Buy At Least 5 Items Of The Similar Product. In This Proposal You Can Sell The Item At Any Price You Want Which Means That Your Profit In Completely At Your Own Discretion. The Risk In This Proposal Is High Because The Ownership Of The Product Is Of The Partner And Shipment Will Be Handled By The Partner Himself/Herself.
Proposal C Has Lowest Risk Where The Partner Is Acting As Our Agent, On Every Sale You Will Receive Commission 10% Of The Panash Price. In This Proposal We Do Not Give The Liberty To The Partner To Decide The Sale Amount, Panash Will Be Selling The Product At Prices Listed On The Website – The Risk Here Is The Lowest As Customers Could Be Guided To The Website That Has Already Has Marketing Banners, Promotional Deals Etc. The Products Sold Are Purely Responsibility Of Panash, All The Shipments Are Tracked By Us.

3. Is There Any Sales Target? 

Our Aim Is To Embed The Mindset Of Entrepreneurship Amongst The Local Community Where We Feel That Each Individual Has To Be Motivated By Rewarding Them At Their Every Achievement. Panash Does Not Set Targets At All As For Us Your Every Sale Is A Step Towards The Success. There Are NO TARGETS, And On Every Sale, You Will Be Rewarded And Paid As Per The Proposal Selected. This Is A Development Program Where We Try Our Best To Train Your Skills And Give You The Freedom To Learn By Making Real Time Sales.

4. From Where Will I Get The Information Of The Products I Want To Sell?

Starting Your Sales We Recommend You To Go Through Our Website

Our Face Book Page 


And Our Instagram Account @wearepanash.


All The Resources Are Provided On These Platforms Where Website Contains The Most Comprehensive Details Of All Products That We Offer. Main Resources That You Would Be Requiring For Sales Would Be Products’ Picture, Description, Specification And Measurements (If Required) – All These Are Thoroughly Mentioned On The Website. Pictures Are Easily Downloadable From All Platforms That Maybe Used For Selling Purposes.

5. How Will I Proceed Sales?

Panash Representative Will Be In Constant Contact With You Guiding You Through The Entire Sales Process. You Are Eligible To Use Various Channels Of Sales:
A: Personal Relations – Your Own Circle.
B: Facebook Personal Account Posting On Various Buy And Sell Groups.
C: Creating Your Own Page Adding Your Personal Touch.
D: Hosting Your Own Live Video On FB Or Instagram (Only For Proposal B).
E: Posting And Marketing Through Instagram.
F: Redirecting Customers To Our Website That Already Has Various Promotional Items (Suitable For Proposal C)

6. When Will I Receive My Payments? (Relevant For Proposal A And C)

All Payments Will Be Redirected To Your Account 7days After The Product Is Delivered. Payments For The Orders That Are Rejected By The Customers Will Not Be Done; Incase Of More Than 5 Rejected Orders Per Month Will Result In Deduction Of Rs. 100 Per Order Of The 6th Order Rejected. The Orders Returned From 6 Onwards Will Result In Deduction Of Rs. 100 Per Order From The Next Payable Amount.
Payment Outstanding Of Delivered 20 Orders – Rs. 20,000  
No. Of Orders Returned – 5 (Return Shipment Amount Bored By Panash)
Next 3 Orders Returned – Rs. 300 Deduction
Amount Paid To The Partner – Rs. 19,700

7. What Is The Registration Process?

Our Registration Process Is Quite Simple And Easy To Follow. You Can Give Us A Call At 02135630230 Or 03422666670-71-73 And Provide Us With The Following Information:

CNIC Number:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Bank Account Details:
Bank Name/ Branch Code:
Selected Proposal:

8. What Do I Say To The Customer? Can I Take Panash Name?

Your Every Customer Will Be Important However We Suggest You To Communicate With Them Depending On The Platform You Are Using For Sales For Example A Customer From Face Book Will Be Different Than A Customer Of Your Personal Reference. You Can Show The Customer Downloaded Pictures Of Panash Items, Share With Them The Descriptions And Specifications. For Every Order Please Mention To The Customer That The Shipment Cost Is Rs. 150 All Over Pakistan. Once The Customer Is Ready To Purchase, Please Book The Order After Taking Following Details:
Customer Name:
Contact Number:
Delivery Address:
Email Address:
Details Of Order:

9. What Is Required From Candidates?

Enthusiasm And Dedication Is Needed In Candidates To Gain Assistance From The Provided Trainings And Innovation. Only This Way It Will Benefit You.

10. What Do I Do After Order Confirmation?

Once The Order Is Confirmed By The Customer, WhatsApp Us At 03422666671-73 Mentioning The Details Of The Customer And Provide Us With The Product Code Of The Item Ordered (You Will Find That On Website). If Necessary, Our PDP Agents Will Call You Back To Reconfirm The Order Between 5:30 P.M. To 6:30 P.M. On Same Day Or The Following Day.

11. Can I Select More Than 1 Proposals?

No Each Partner Will Select Only One Proposal That Cannot Be Changed For At Least Six Months. Our Agent Will Guide You During The Process Of Proposal Selection – You Can Discuss With Us On Call.

12. To What Extent Product Information Will Be Shared With Me?

Panash Will Share All The Necessary Information That Is Required To Make Sales Of The Items. Panash Will Make Sure To Guide The Partner In Every Way Possible However Panash Has The Right To Hold Any Information That Management Does Not Wish To Disclose To The Partners.

13. What Help Will I Get From Panash?

Panash Development Program Agent Will Be In Constant Contact With All The Partners Time To Time And Will Be Helping Them Strategize Their Selling Techniques According To The Products. You Will Be Provided With Five Extensions And Numbers For Assistance Where The PDP Team Will Help You In Every Regard.