Panash Excellence Is A Platform That Aims To Disseminate Practical Knowledge Along With Theoretical Information That Will Not Only Help Our Participants To Understand The Market Dynamics Better But It Will Also Assist Them In Exploring Solutions To Real Time Practical Problems Face During Jobs. Panash Excellence Takes Pride In Services We Provide To The Youth Community Who Wants To Grow Themselves Fast By Learning Experiences. This Is An Ideal Platform Where Participants Have The Chance To Gain Deep Insights Of Their Industry Via Experienced Individuals. Our Mentors Coming From Different Backgrounds And Industries Have Faced Challenges Of The Market, Economy, Industry And Communities That They Would Share With Our Participants Making Our Programs Quite Experience Oriented Rather That Just Theory Based.

We Offer You A More Realistic Marketing Techniques After Attending This Course The Participant Will Understand How To Develop An Integrated And Effective Digital Marketing Plan Which Incorporates The Introduction To Digital Marketing Within The Context You Will Gain A Fundamental Understanding Of The Core Of Digital Marketing With More Practicality Our Module Will Provide You An Understanding Of What Is Involved In Creating And Implementing On Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

Why Creative Drawing & Painting
Key Learnings From
Creative Drawing & Painting

Panash has pioneered the training and development with key courses focused at making the marketing more creative and that is why students love to join in. Each course is designed in a manner that is more practical in nature and targeted at creating key skills.

There are many benefits to learning design course for everyone

1. From our course you will have a definitive knowledge about creation as well as the execution of the idea that you may have.

2. In a short span of 2 month you will have the knowledge of equivalent to a 6 months course because our course is more related to arts and focused at execution of idea.

3. Our trainers have the knowledge of more than 15 years making them the perfect choice for a trainer of this course. 

4. Step By Step training of arts is as per the details of creative  industry. Its not a definite knowledge game any more it is more of derivative.

5. This course is more practical in nature and focused at sharpening the skill set. This course is to guide your way, its you that has to work toward the goal that you have.

6. Key elements are home decor, wall art, painting, designing, and truck art.

Creative Drawing & Painting


2 Month

12 Classes

20+ Training Hours


Classes: Slots Available


Training: Slots Available


Top Arts And Creative Trainers

Course Outline

Fine Arts


Creative Designing


Home Decor

Style & Design

Key Trainers

 Mr. Behzaad Ishaq 

Fine Arts & Creative Design

 Ms. Sumbal Ahmed

CCO & Co Founder - Panash Group




Some say that the artists are crazy at what they do and this is because they are going against the norms of traditional thinking of getting a degree and having a normal job. instead they create there legacy in such a way it becomes an experience for others. Such is the story of Mr. Behzaad Ishaq.

He is graduate in fine arts and works as a freelance creative artist. He is also a trainers for fine arts at Panash Excellence. His story has been amazing as he followed his heart and created a legacy. His art work ranges from truck art to studio designing to fine creation to designer painting. He is jack of all trades and hence is the best choice to teach new students the art work. 

He came in the training field to highlight what importance of creative design and arts as some feels its a dying field but he feels arts gives meaning to the colors of live and that is why we feel he is the right choice to teach our students the fine arts in the course of creative design and arts.


A Young Aspiring Entrepreneur And An Autodidact Artisan Ms. Sumbal Ahmed Saleem Is The Chief Creative Officer At Panash Group, The CEO For Panash Boutique And Desi Graphics. Panash Group Has Undoubtedly Really Cemented A Well Reputed Place As A Fashion And Ecommerce Brand And That Too In A Very Short Span Of Time. Diversity Has Always Been An Integral Part Of Panash And The Sheer Idea Of Exploring Different Propositions, Métiers And Fortes Was Rooted Deep By Its Creators Themselves.  Being The Creative And Aesthete Soul Herself Ms. Sumbal Ahmed Has Always Been A Keen Lover Of Art And Things That Have A Unique Vibe To It. From A Very Young Age Ms. Sumbal Ahmed Has Had A Passion For Creativity, Designing And Learning Something Different Something That’s Completely Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Doing What You Love And Makes Your Inner Conscious Happy Is What She Firmly Believes In. They Say That People Who Have A Rather Creative Mind Or An Active Imagination They Tend To Have A Hard Time Focusing Their Mind On One Particular Thing Or A Hobby And Maybe That’s Why Ms. Sumbal Ahmed After Completing Her Bachelors In Marketing From Bahria University Karachi And Doing Her Masters In Supply Chain Management Is Following And Pursuing A Career That She’s More Passionate About And That Is Being One Of The Creative Force Behind Panash Group. Having The Diverse Educational Background From Marketing To Supply Chain Management Ms. Sumbal Ahmed Possesses A Much Clearer Understanding Of The Ever So Changing Market Dynamics To The Technicalities Of The Warehousing, Procurement And Logistical Aspects Of Vendor And Inventory Management.

These Diverse Educational Fortes To Having An Artistic Mind And Creative Personality, She Has Molded Herself Into Balancing A Career Path Where She Can Prove Both Sides Of Her Flamboyant And Spirited Personality. One Side Of Her Creative Personality Can Be Seen In Her Photography. What Started As A Hobby Has Now Shaped Into A Full-On Passion. Being The Shy Grounded Soul That She Is, She Preferred Being Behind The Lens Rather Than In Front Of The Camera Letting Her Work Do The Talking. Every Picture Tells A Story And That’s What Her Philosophy Is Towards Photography Capturing A Photo In Its Full Glory Compromising The Actual Essence Of The Object. The Ideology Behind Panash Excellence Is To Provide The State Of The Art Educational And Learning Experience To The Young Guns Of Pakistan By Means Of Utilizing Their Analytical And Creative Capabilities.

Fees Schedule

16 Classes

2 hours Each Duration

Live Training

Field Visits*

Live Interactions With Professionals


15000 PKR

500 PKR Registration Fees




Classes Schedule

Course Outline


  • Introduction

  • How This Course Is Different

  • What Will Be Taught In The Course

Course Registration, Fee Submission, Classes Schedule


Lead Trainer

Sumbal Ahmed

Week 1 & 2

  • Fine Arts

  • Paintings

  • Canvas & Colors

  • Outdoor Landscape

Assignment: Field Task


Lead Trainer

Behzaad Ishaq

Week 3 & 4

  • Style

  • Design

  • Indoor Work

  • Still Capture

Assignment: Submission of design work


Lead Trainer

Behzaad Ishaq

Week 5 & 6

  • Creative Designing

  • Craftwork

  • Colors & Shades

  • Compositions

Assignment: Field Project


Lead Trainer

Behzaad Ishaq

Week 7 & 8

  • Home Decor

  • Wall Art

Assignment: Final Project


Lead Trainer

Sumbal Ahmed

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Panash Excellence

Duration: Two Month

Classes: 12

Market Visits For Live Training

(Students Will Be Informed One Day In Advance For Market Visits)

- Eligibility -

Minimum Age: 18

Education: Intermediate

Must Be Beginner Level In English

And Urdu

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Orientation Class Is Free

Registration Fees Is 500 PKR

Registration Fees Is To Reserve Your Slot

 Fees Is 15000 PKR

Training Costs Are Included In Course